Dear friends and colleagues.

In October this year, the 59th Annual Congress of the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition (SEEN) will be held at the Center of Conventions International in Barcelona. The contribution to the organization of this event is a responsibility and a privilege for us, wich we enthusiastically assume.

SEEN is a mature scientific society which has shown its important role and willingness to provide service, both in social and scientific areas.  SEEN has the challenge and commitment to address health problems which are very prevalent in our society with a high degree of complexity, pathologies in which, fortunately, important scientific advances are taking place, and where SEEN members are and will continue to play an important role; The communication and discussion of these advances will guide the programme of this conference, as we have done in previous years. 

The Board SEEN, the Programme Committee and the Local Committee are working to make this congress a success yet again. Perhaps the key element that marks this organization is the desire and vocation of service of SEEN for all its members and to make it useful to all of you, without forgetting this space will also serves to share experiences among participants. To succeed in creating this atmosphere, the location is favourable; Barcelona is a lively, cheerful and innovative city, a magnificent setting for this new congress of SEEN.

The Board of Directors, the Local Committee and the city are going to concentrate all our efforts to make this event successful and we are confident that it will leave a permanent trace in your memory.
We are looking forward to receiving you!!

Manel Puig                                                              Josep Vidal                                                                               Albert Lecube
President                                                    Program Committee President                                         Local Committee President
SEEN                                                                   59 Congreso SEEN                                                             59 Congreso SEEN